Thing 25: Power Up Your Browser

I have taken a workshop on adding extensions to my browser, but this module allowed me to dig deeper into the topic.  I already had a few added to my toolbar…Pinterest, Ebates, and Evernote Clearly.  However, I gained a better understanding after viewing the short video that you embedded into this module.   I learned that I was not utilizing my browser as well as I could be.

I added the Click & Clean extension in order to delete cookies, history, and just generally clean up my PC.  Managing and storing was a breeze….liked the 5 star rating….and the extension on the toolbar offered a variety of tool options to run.  It is amazing that this feature is free.  I basically scanned for “free” items and found so many useful tools. The reviews and support offered gave me helpful insight into the product.  Color coating each feature also made using Click & Clean easy ….very happy adding this to my toolbar!

The next extension I decided to add was the AdBlock Super.  I find the ad’s so annoying, so I downloaded the blocker and it worked nicely.  I liked that when I opened a page the icons on my toolbar indicated how many ad’s were blocked. It definitely took away some of the clutter.

I also added the Print Friendly & PDF converter.  I am constantly printing out materials for my classes.  I usually need to print a page…cut off or white out what I need removed, then make a new copy.  I know…not the best way, but it worked.  I added the Print Friendly icon and it took a little time to understand how to use it.  I thought once I clicked the button a page would open up and I could make the changes to the document.  It did’t work out that way….I needed to right click….open Print Friendly, then copy the link.  It was easy to use and enjoyed how one can eliminate pictures, ad’s, and other unnecessary items.  It will definitely save me some ink and time! This pin reminded me of View-pure for videos, except Print Friendly is obviously for PDF’s.  Both excellent tools.

I really enjoyed exploring the extensions and customizing my toolbar to better serve my needs.   My bar is definitely growing!



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