Thing 27: DIY

I really enjoyed the visual literacy module and wanted to dig deeper in this subject topic area. I created my Twitter poster using Piktochart and found it very easy to use. I decided to try another program and create another visual for my library.  I made this infographic using Easelly. I was so impressed with the amount of free templates. I chose a template and simply added and deleted text/graphics. I was inspired by a physical education poster that is posted in the hallway of my school.  I thought it would be fun to create a poster that will inspire students to exercise their minds, as well as their bodies.

Easelly was easy to navigate and had a large number of free graphics. A few more students/education related would have been nice, but the site offered enough to create visually appealing posters. I wanted to use both genders when making my poster, but free ones were limited. I like to limit my info-graphs from 3 to 5 bullets.  I find anymore than that just seems to lose the interest of the student. I will definitely use programs such as Piktochart and Easelly again.

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