Thing 28: Emerging Tech: Scanning the Horizon

I definitely feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of information, websites, and tools that are available. The articles for this module confirmed that for me! However, this is something that I already knew. I did like that the articles discussed more of the outcomes or benefits of such changes in technology.  Joyce Valenza had such a great point about embracing social media and noticing the learning, connecting, and creative aspects.  I never looked at social media as a learning tool.

Reading Heidi Hayes Jacobs article and her outlook on global literacy provided a great perspective about the changing world around us.  Students and teachers must be able to examine the world, report ideas, and take action on those ideas were excellent points.  It was refreshing to read articles that highlighted the outcomes from the use of technology in home and at school.

Joan Ackroyd totally impressed me!  Maker Spaces are the new form of creating a totally engaging experience, whether in the library or classroom setting. I can totally see myself utilizing my library space to create such a learning environment.  It is amazing the community that begins to reveal itself….students train one another through social learning. I feel that this behavior will definitely continue outside of the classroom.

In regards to the challenges….. any implementation of a program will experience obstacles.  However, if you can prove to administrators that the program has value,  then everything always has a way of working out.  I loved that Joan Ackroyd used recycled or out of date computers to create a Maker Space and that the library was always noisy…..but in an engaging way.

The library setting has changed over the past decade. It is up to us as educators to embrace these changes. I believe we are the biggest challenge! We need to alter our teaching style in order to connect with today’s generation. In today’s day and age, the trends revolve around technology and teaching on a variety of styles. Students today need to be actively involved in their learning. Spaces that allow for this will create a love for exploring and creating.


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