Thing 29: Student Response Tools

All of the classroom teachers do what is called “Morning Meeting”, where a greeting is written on chart paper….the agenda for the day…..and a simple question where students post their response right on the chart paper. A few teacher’s are lucky to have a Smart Board and let the students write a response using that technology. Flip Grid would be a perfect tool for them to use!  It was so colorful and geared toward elementary aged students.

It is so interesting to read the articles posted and be not only inspired, but to see a benefit of the technology that you never realized before. Andy Plemmon commented that children open up to commenting in greater detail using an electronic device, rather than in person. Of course! Hence, the increase on bullying through phones and other devices, but that’s a whole other topic. However, using it in a positive way has a world of benefits. It made total sense and I didn’t see it before. Children feel more comfortable using technology, therefore teacher’s can have students engaged on a deeper level.

I was going through the activity for this module and I decided to create a short form using Google Forms.  I am split this school year between two buildings and need to know from the staff how I can serve them to the best of my ability. Believe it or not creating 4 questions took a great amount of thought!  I wanted it to be short and not overwhelming for staff members, but direct.  I also didn’t want my questions to offend the librarian that I am replacing, who is being moved backed to the middle school. If you could think of another question to add or change I would appreciate it!

Lenape Survey


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  1. Good survey! You’re so right about the amount of time it can take to design a good one. Especially one that is short enough to get people to respond., yet still get useful info. Love FlipGrid and Andy Plemmoms has been doing such I terering things with it. Good luck with the two buildings this coming year.


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