Thing 30: Final Reflection

I have taken your two previous Cool Tools workshops and all were very insightful! Schedules are so crazy during the school year, between work and family, that I believe I benefited a great deal from the summer offering of this course.  I was able to really dig deeper into the modules and absorb how beneficial the resources were to my specific age group.  As far as challenges. I mentioned it before that I believe “we” …..the educators….are the biggest challenges.  I can locate and post all the information that I feel is important, but I can’t force my colleagues to use it.  We must embrace technology and see it for all its benefits. My hope is to take away some of the resistance by removing the amount of information into manageable amounts. I plan on using Pinterest as my form of posting sites and resources to staff members. I find it so easy to use and for many of my colleagues it is a site they are familiar using. I already spoke with my principal about addressing the staff members at our first faculty meeting.  Staff will also be asked to fill out the survey I created using Google Forms, so I may better meet their needs.

I learned so many great tools from this workshop! My extension bar grew….I made amazing charts using Easelly and Piktochart…..created a a survey using Google Docs…..and cant’s wait to implement a Makerspace in my library.  My plan is to implement a Makerspace area sometime in the spring.  The library I am in half a day is in need of a great deal of organization.  Once this task is complemented, then I can move forward with this project.  Being I have a new principal to the district….this being her first year….I believe she will definitely be on board creating an engaging library setting.

Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop!  The summer truly allowed me to dig much deeper than if I had taken this class during the school year! I look forward to another 50 “Things” to complete!  🙂


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  1. Thank your for your comments. And for persevering through 30 things! Good luck with reaching out to colleagues this year, every small step is important and you will inspire them! Onward to 50 things. Oh my!


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